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and the acquisition of these arms appeared to yield their captors considerable satisfaction. They had learned to value

these articles, which were to them of practical value. Who shall say what thoughts surged up in the heart of

t the Indi

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a quiet seat in his humble home far away. CHAPTER XXXIV. TWO POWWOWS. AT A SIGNAL from the chief all three prisoners were bound and placed on the ground close by. Then the Indians, resuming their sitting positions, had a powwow, or, as we should say, deliberated.

Though the three captives could not understand their speech, they readily inferred that they were the subjects of discussion, and that their fate was being decided. This, indeed, might be inferred from the occasional glances cast toward them by the different speakers.

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  • an who led Dr. Spooner’s horse regarded
  • the thin, bony beast with contempt, but he might have
  • been mistaken. Dr. Spooner, Peter Brush
  • and Tom were ranged in line, and conducted toward the
  • camp-fire, preceded and followed by



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